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Northern Colorado Cowboy Church

About Us

A family of believers seeking the truth and the life

Our Manifesto

Church – the word traditionally conjures images of stained glass and steeples, the sound of hard, creaky, wooden pews and a musty smell much like that of your grandmother’s closet or an old second hand store. It’s a Sunday morning check-box that we feel obligated by generations of guilt and tradition to fulfill.

But what if we took church out of the stale paintings and breathed life into the picture? We would see a global community that lives and breathes. It’s about a people that are all knit into one family by the common thread of faith. We are a people who have stepped out of the restrictive and mundane to say YES to a partnership of a lifetime! This collaborative life is one where we are invited to dream with the Creator of heaven and earth. It’s the place where joy is real, hope is limitless and life is lived in radiant color.

N3C is a community of pioneers – we believe we are all on a journey with God. We are all created to break barriers, color outside the lines and explore new territories with Him. There is a need we all have to find the people we were made to run with, to find our place where we feel we belong. It doesn’t make us weak, it makes us real.
This is where life has the most meaning.
This is where courage and purpose collide.
This is where living feels like freedom!

This is where you stop going to church and start BEING THE CHURCH.

What We Believe

Here at Cowboy Church we believe that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior, sent by God not only to atone for our sins but also to provide an example by which to live our lives. We have a foundation based on the Five Fold Ministry and the Word of God as it is presented in the Bible.

Three R’s

This is what encompasses
our mission & vision


Truth; Transparent; Authentic


Connecting everyday, ordinary life with an eternal, extraordinary God. – Eternity (heaven) entering our NOW!


Personal experience and relationship with God in everyday life as well as growing in a family of believers who love God with passion

Our Team

“Though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him. And a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” – Ecclesiastes 4:12

Darin Gleghorn

Senior Pastor

Lynette Gleghorn

Associate Pastor

Greg Abel

Generation.Now Pastor

Mark Fellini

Operations Pastor

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